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Are your organizational and personal communications not getting you where you want to be? Is your compelling message getting lost in the noise before it reaches the people who need to hear it?

Many of my clients have been in this position. People who hire me to ghostwrite their visions, market their passions and manage their communications don't seek me out because they can't write or communicate well. They are busy people who can't be bogged down, because they're focused on doing what they love for a living and excelling at the things they do best. That's how people succeed. And that's what I do.

I am a communication and writing professional with diverse experience in publishing, ghostwriting, marketing and editorial management. My ability to combine skills in these areas with high-quality graphic design and award-winning photography provides a valuable package for a wide range of clients in business and non-profit organizations. My specialties include book ghostwriting, editorial management, public affairs planning, professional education, media relations, and non-profit management.

In healthcare I have deep knowledge of organizational quality improvement, value-based patient care, healthcare management and leadership, patient safety, health equity, MACRA, MIPS, QPP and electronic health records. In the environmental realm I am well-versed in mitigation, conservation, restoration, invasive plant and animal control, water resources, watershed management, and environmental reporting and regulations.

My assignment photography clients include magazine publishers, non-profit environmental organizations, architects, landscape architects, engineers, developers, home builders, convention and visitor bureaus, manufacturers and publishers. My search engine optimization work has put publishers, non-profit organizations, real estate firms, and television producers on top of the search engines to get maximum exposure for the services they provide.

Although I will work in any field, I most often serve people and organizations who are striving to make the world a better place through environmental stewardship, leading humanitarian initiatives on any scale, and improving healthcare quality and access to health care.

Call me today to find out how you can use Winning Words to help you succeed, Follow the links above for more information.


Photo of the Week

Below is a shot of Pepsis mildei, more commonly known as the Tarantula Hawk. After taking photos of these beautiful creatures for years I learned recently that they have the worst sting of any bug in nature. The pain only lasts about 3 minutes, but it is so electrifying and debilitating that entomologists in peer-reviewed journals have recommended that if you get stung, just lay down for a few minutes and scream. The screaming helps get your mind off of the pain, and the laying down part is so you don't go running off into a hole or a cactus or a barbed-wire fence or something and end up getting hurt worse. To see more of my photography, go to my photography page.


Lee Reeder
Ghostwriting * Editorial Project Management * Search Engine Optimization
Promotional Writing * Photography * Design & Layout

What`s your story - typed words on a Vintage Typewriter


This week Lee Reeder is...

  • Redesigning a non-profit website
  • Helping with article suggestions for an online blog
  • Writing case studies for a complementary and alternative medicine book
  • Editing a long manuscript for a healthcare journal
  • Writing press releases and social media pieces for a non-profit healthcare association


Sample Work

Coastkeeper Magazine:
Writing, editing and graphic design, all in one sample



"Five Misconceptions About Ghostwriting"

"Search Engine Optimization: The New Snake Oil?"



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