Photography by Lee Reeder

I became interested in photography at the age of 12 and by the age of 16 I was spending much of my free time in the darkroom. For much of my career I have been a photojournalist, either working for local newspapers, national magazines or as a freelancer. Over the past few years, my clients have increasingly taken advantage of both my writing and photographic talents—a unique package for any type of business seeking to promote products, people, projects and programs.

My ability to combine powerful images with writing, and then put it all together with graphic design is highly valued by several of my longstanding clients. My photography clients have included magazines, newspapers, convention and visitor bureaus, chambers of commerce, landscape architects, interior designers and non-profit environmental organizations. Call me at 909-486-7274 or e-mail me for assignments throughout Southern California.

I am also an award-winning scenic and nature photographer who travels the West and Northwest, photographing some of the best-known sights and some of the best-kept secrets of these areas. To see selected galleries at my scenic and nature photo site, click on the photos below. The galleries will open in a new window. Simply close the window to return here.

Crater Lake photos

Crater Lake Photo Gallery

galhummingbirdsHummingbirds Photo Gallery


Yosemite Photo Gallery


Sunsets Photo Gallery


City Sights Photo Gallery

Butterfly photos

Butterfly Photo Gallery

Desert Scenic Photos

Desert Scenic Photo Gallery

galwesternflowersWestern Flowers Photo Gallery

mountain scenic photos

Mountain Scenic Photo Gallery


Eastern Sierra Photos

Eastern Sierra Photo Gallery

Waterfall photos

Waterfalls Photo Gallery


Mono Lake Photo Gallery