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Search Engine Optimization: The New Snake Oil?

“Surely nobody would be a charlatan, who could afford to be sincere.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

How many times (a day) do you get spam e-mail from firms or individuals claiming that they can move your poorly performing site to the top of the search engines?

Can they rank you high on the search engines for the key phrases and words people use to search for you? The answer is “probably,” if they know how to do it. Can your ranking be improved simply and inexpensively? The answer is “yes.” Will they get you to the top of Google simply and inexpensively? The answer is “probably not,” because it’s not in their best interest to do it that way.

The search engine optimization spam promo is the new snake oil salesman pitch of the 21st century, but it sounds like it came right out of the old Wild West. “It’s magic! It’s a proprietary, guarded formula! And only I know how to do it! Step right up!” They will tell you that they have the secrets. They will try to put you on a monthly payment program to “keep” you high on the search engines, if they manage to get you there at all. Oh, and no promises unless you are willing to spend loads of money.


Every time I write on the subject of search engine optimization, or SEO, I get people who will argue with me about what it takes, so let me demonstrate something that can’t be argued. Go to Google and type in “healthcare management ghostwriter” or “healthcare quality ghostwriter” or “health management ghostwriter” or “healthcare management ghostwriting” Go ahead. Do it. I’ll wait…

…Nice, huh? My little one-man ghostwriting business, Winning Words, is number 1 in the search returns on page 1 of the non-paid Google results for all four of those search terms, which are my most valued key phrases for the work I do. If you type in just “healthcare ghostwriter” I’m number 3 on page 1.

Considering that about 60 to 70 percent of published healthcare articles are written by ghostwriters, how much competition do you think I have for those top spots on Google? A lot, I can tell you.

Many of my SEO clients come to me saying they can’t even get on page 1 with their names and what they do for a living. If you type in “Lee Reeder writer” on Google you will find me in the top 7 spots out of 10 on page 1 of the search returns, or type in “Lee Reeder photographer” and you’ll find me in four of the first five.

I did not spend a single penny to get to those positions on Google. It just took a little time and know-how.

I am just one lone, sole proprietor. And I didn’t didn’t sign up for any program to get myself to the top of the search engines. I just used words. That is why search engine optimization is one of the services I provide. About 95 percent of success in getting to the top of the search engines is about the words you use in the background code of your web pages and in the supporting text that people see in the visible content on your pages. That’s it. There are other things you can do, of course, and those are the things you get the big money pitches for, but your words are the most effective and important tools.

It’s not voodoo. It doesn’t take tiered pricing plans or expensive monthly installments. It does take a little tweaking at first for the first month or so and some monitoring every once in a while, but on average, the bulk of the work is just a week or so of good, diligent effort and collaboration.

Contact me if you would like honest help getting your site noticed for a low flat fee. My search engine optimization package includes:

  • conducting an initial baseline assessment
  • working with your staff/management to develop your most vital key phrases
  • developing background SEO content
  • rewriting visible content
  • doing several initial progress assessments and tweaking for improved results
  • ┬ámonitoring and tweaking once monthly for six months

Lee Reeder has been performing search engine optimization services for a diverse range of clients since 1997. Getting to the top of the search engines and improving your ranking on google and other major engines need not be expensive or complicated. It’s all about results.

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Lee Reeder
Management Ghostwriter, SEO Developer, Writing Coach and Editorial Manager