What is a Writing Coach and How Does Coaching Work?

“I have made great strides from my first article to this one.
I know it is because of my teacher. Thank you!”
Nurse Executive

writing coach, coaching for writersSome editors call themselves writing coaches even though the only service they provide is a simple edit. The coaching process goes deeper than just taking something you write, editing the piece and then presenting that to you as valuable feedback. A writing coach explores your intentions, the impact you intend to make, the audience you want to reach, and the goals you have in communicating with that audience.

A writing coach teaches you how to turn your “voice” into compelling communications that make people want to keep reading. I have considerable experience in guiding aspiring authors toward being published and helping experienced authors craft and direct their messages.

Coaching writers is not about teaching a class or giving them writing assignments. Effective writing can help drive the success of people on many levels in both their personal and professional lives. Everyone I have coached has had different goals for themselves in improving their writing. I work with writers on meaningful projects that help them in their careers and personal lives. My coaching process includes guiding writers to create valuable written products for them and/or their organizations, and many of these pieces have been published. Call or e-mail me today to find out how I can help you.

Winning Words
Lee Reeder
Management Ghostwriter, Writing Coach and Editorial Manager