Freelance Managing Editor for Publication and Project Management

Do you need to hire a freelance managing editor, publication manager or editorial project manager to run the editorial management processes for your new or existing publication? My freelance managing editor experience has included managing the entire editorial processes for diverse national publications in the fields of quality improvement, healthcare management, medicine, environmental advocacy, and governance of non-profit organizations.

freelance managaing editor and editorial project manager Lee Reeder can help publishers manage their editorial processes

The work of a freelance editorial manager can include a wide range of tasks. These may include creating the editorial schedule, writing editorial media kit information, writing author guidelines, soliciting authors and articles, writing articles and columns, editing editorial content, collaborating with authors and designers, proofreading, ensuring all publishing deadlines are met, and managing any peer-review processes a publication might have. Many publishers need someone who can do all these things well. Because freelance editorial project managers with this kind of experience are difficult to find, publishers often are left with no choice but to hire someone full-time, which can create a bottom line scenario that can’t pencil out for many publications.

Call or write me for more information about my freelance managing editor and editorial project management services can help you make things work. The bonus combination of my creative talents and my editorial experience has enabled me to also design and lay out extensive annual reports, newsletters and even high-quality magazines.

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Lee Reeder
Freelance Managing Editor, Editorial Project Manager and Publication Manager