Work Sample for Lee Reeder: Orange County Coastkeeper Magazine

I recently completed the latest issue of Orange County Coastkeeper Magazine: a high-quality, 72-page publication highlighting the accomplishments, philosophy and future direction of sustainability for this respected environmental organization. Orange County Coastkeeper protects water quality throughout the Santa Ana River Watershed of Southern California and the coast of Orange County.

And when I say I completed the magazine, I mean, as Executive Editor and Creative Director, I performed a majority of the writing, all interviewing, all editorial coordination, and much of the photography. I designed it, laid it out in InDesign, and did all of the prepress work. I believe this magazine provides a good example of some of the breadth of my abilities.

To download the entire publication in PDF format, Click here. or on the cover below (7.7 MB)

Keep in mind that this was laid out as a printed magazine so a few of the article opening spreads have lettering spaced to provide for the inside gutter.

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