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Search engine optimization is not voodoo

Search Engine Optimization: It's Not That Complicated

Every few days I get spam emails from people claiming that they have analyzed my website and have found that it is performing poorly on the search engines. The pitch is then to get me on an expensive-sounding program that can get me to the top of Google and other search engines and keep me there. And they make it sound like they are the only ones who truly know the secret methods for doing that immediately. Do you also get these emails?

Think about it. First, how can they know that your site is performing badly on Google if they have no idea what key phrases are important to you and your business? Second, if they are the only ones who know the voodoo, how come everyone else is killing you on Google? I doubt that they helped all of your potential competition in the world get to the top.

I have had many people come to me for search engine optimization services armed with loads of complex plans and schemes they believe they are supposed to be following, based on what they’ve heard from the Internet. When I get into those meetings I feel like a doctor whose patient just spent weeks on a hundred different medical websites researching his condition before coming to the appointment.

It’s not that complicated. But first let’s talk about results.

The following are the current search returns from Google for what I do. The list is simple. First it shows key phrases that are vital to me in getting new business, then the page of the search returns I am on, and then my ranking in the search returns on that page (not counting paid ads at the top). So for example, the first search item below is healthcare management ghostwriter, and you can see that two of my pages on come up, ranking first and second on page 1 of the search returns for that phrase—ahead of everyone else on Google. There’s more:

Search Term
healthcare management ghostwriter
health management ghostwriter
healthcare leadership ghostwriter
healthcare ghostwriter
ghostwriter for healthcare executives
ghostwriter for healthcare leaders
health ghostwriter
healthcare freelance ghostwriter
freelance editorial project manager
lee reeder writer
lee reeder photographer
lee reeder graphic design


1 and 2
1 and 2

Go to Google and check these terms out to verify if you like. Notice that every one of these rankings is on page 1 of the search returns. Page 2 is irrelevant to me when I’m doing SEO work and should be to everyone, because few people ever see page 2 unless they’re doing major scientific research or something. In fact, about two-thirds of click-throughs on Google are for the first five returns on page 1. The last three search terms on the list above are interesting to me because several of the people I’ve done SEO work for have come to me complaining that they can’t even get on page 1 of the Google search returns by searching for their own name along with what they do for a living. That’s bad.

Considering that about 60 to 70 percent of published healthcare articles are written by ghostwriters, how much competition do you think I have for those top spots on Google? A lot, I can tell you. So how much do you think I paid? I did not spend a single penny to get to those positions on Google. It just took a little time and know-how.

SEO is not voodoo. It doesn’t take tiered pricing plans or hiring a contractor to work with you to infinity and beyond. It does take intense collaboration on the front end, along with ongoing content creation, but the results will be worth it. My search engine optimization package includes:

  • conducting an initial baseline assessment
  • working with your staff/management to develop your most vital key phrases
  • developing background SEO content
  • rewriting visible content
  • creating a backlink program and related content plan tailored to your organization
  • providing responsive, easy-to-understand progress reporting
  • doing several initial progress assessments and tweaking for improved results
  • monthly monitoring and tweaking over the period of a year

Over the past decade, about one-third of my new writing, ghostwriting, photography and editorial management business has come from referrals. The other two-thirds has come from people searching relevant search terms like the ones above on the Internet. After my initial work on my sites, maintaining the kind of results you see above takes me minimal effort in keeping content fresh, which every business should strive to do regardless of search engine optimization considerations.

I don’t do pay-per-click programs because I work with organizations that choose long-term results over instant gratification. I have been performing search engine optimization services for a diverse range of clients since 1997. Getting to the top of the search engines and improving your ranking on Google and other major engines need not be expensive or complicated. It’s all about results. Please feel free to call or email me to talk about what it takes.

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