Writing Services

“I’m so grateful to have you on my support team, which allows me to do the work I love.”
Executive Coach

I started my career in writing as a public information professional, photographer, reporter and editor in the U.S. Army in the old West Germany. Since then I have been a beat reporter, newspaper editor-in-chief, editorial director for a multi-title magazine publisher, and marketing director for an advertising agency. Now I run my own communication business, delivering winning words.

Clients turn to me to help them write nearly everything you can imagine and some things you probably can’t. I write press and social media releases, award nominations, grant proposals, trade magazine articles, public information campaigns, social media copy, entire books, search engine optimization tags, content for websites, and even something as simple as responding to a letter that some overworked executive has been tired of looking at in his inbox.

Some of the main types of writing I do are explained below.

type1Promotional Writing and Public Outreach is how businesses, agencies and non-profit organizations put their best faces forward. For my clients I write press releases, blogs and other social media, ad and brochure copy, biographies and even letters of introduction to help them open an important door. When my clients need to present themselves and their work I create PowerPoint presentations, keynote speeches, conference program sessions and product pitches. I also manage education and public outreach programs for organizations. Call me at 909-486-7274 or e-mail me for samples of my promotional and presentation work.

Ghostwriting helps busy professionals communicate valuable information and tackle projects they could not possibly complete in their “spare time.”   I don’t write for my ghostwriting clients, I write as them. My goal is to make your “voice” come through in the writing. It’s a process in which I get to know you, what you value, what drives you, and how you communicate, which are all main elements of your voice.

Whether it’s an article, personal correspondence, a presentation or an entire book, you are writing through me and I am writing as you. You are the author throughout the process and when it is done, you will see what I mean. You will come away knowing this was your work. You just had a little help where you needed it. For more information about this misunderstood art and how I go about it, along with an informative article that clears up some of the misconceptions and concerns about ghostwriting, go to my ghostwriting page.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
is also misunderstood, but it is not all art–there is a bit of science to it as well. If you read the information above this section, did you get the feeling I was being a bit wordy and maybe repeating a few things? Well, you’re right. Habits like that are probably not the best advertisement for a writer, but if you found this site because of a search on Google or some other search engine, that’s part of the reason you’re here.

Do you want your organization’s site to be at the top of the search engines for certain phrases? What is that worth to you? Would you like to do it without having to pay for advertising? I am at the top of all the search engines for my key phrases and I don’t pay a penny for it. To find out how I can do that for your organization, visit my search engine optimization page. .