My work includes ghostwriting and writing for books, blogs, magazines, promotions, annual reports, and SEO enhancement.

I provide design for websites, brochures, whitepapers, entire magazines, whitepapers, and online and print articles.


I provide search engine optimization services that include writing content and tags, and analytics for performance improvement.

I specialize in outdoor photography for landscape architects, environmental service organizations and more.


About Lee Reeder

My service offerings include writing, ghostwriting, search engine optimization, website design, graphic design, photography, and editorial management for online and print publications. 



In my career I have been everything from a photojournalist to the top editor for community newspapers, international magazines, and healthcare leadership and healthcare management publications. I have served as marketing director for an advertising agency and editorial director for a multi-title publishing company, with responsibility for six magazines.


As a freelancer I have provided editorial management services for periodical publishers, managing the entire editorial process, including peer review. I have worked behind the scenes as a ghostwriter for several prominent leaders in the fields of leadership development, environmental stewardship, healthcare management, and quality improvement. I have designed brochures, annual reports, websites, social media platforms and even entire high-quality print magazines. 


Over the past decade or so, my clients have increasingly taken advantage of the combination of my writing, design, and photography—a unique package for any type of organization seeking to promote products, people, projects and programs. My ability to combine powerful images with writing, and then put it all together with graphic and web design is highly valued. 

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