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SEO is Pretty Straightforward:

Words Matter

Prospective clients who approach me about search engine optimization services often envision a complex system of programs and consultation that is beyond the comprehension of the average mortal. They also imagine that they are embarking on something that is about to cost them a fortune. I understand where this comes from—even a cursory online search on the subject can boggle the mind. 

I’m here to tell you it’s not that all that complicated. And it does not have to be costly. The words you use are what matter more than anything in SEO success. 

Before I start giving you search engine optimization advice, though, let me show you some proof so you will feel comfortable that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to SEO and putting people and organizations on the top of the search engine results.

The following are the current search returns from Google for what I do. You can check them if you like by going to Google and typing them in. The list is simple. First it shows key phrases that are vital to me in getting new business, and then my ranking on page 1 of the search returns (not counting paid ads at the top). So for example, the first search item below is ghostwriter for healthcare leaders, and you can see that two of my pages on come up, ranking first and second on page 1 of the search returns for that phrase—ahead of everyone else on Google. There’s more:

Google Search Term & Rankings (Page 1)
ghostwriter for healthcare leaders—1 & 2
ghostwriters for healthcare leaders—1
health management ghostwriter—1
ghost writer for health care leaders—1
ghostwriter for environmental leaders—1
ghost writer for environmental leaders—1
ghostwriters for environmental leaders—1
healthcare management ghostwriter—1
environmental ghostwriter—2
healthcare ghostwriter—3 (but first among service providers)
environmental reporting ghostwriter—1
healthcare freelance ghostwriter—5 & 6

As you can see, I don’t waste my time looking past page 1 of the search returns, because very few people do. I also do not pay a penny for these positions or for any of the analytics.

SEO is not complicated. You don’t need contracts with “experts” that go out to infinity and beyond, and you don’t need to spend a fortune. What it takes is some thorough, thoughtful work on the front end, along with ongoing content refresh, but the results will be worth it. We charge a flat fee for our SEO services—no monthly contracts or outside fees. Check out our process below. 

The Process is Also Straightforward:


Decide What Matters

First, we work together to develop your most vital key phrases—what you want people to be typing in their searches when they are looking for you, your organization, and its products and services. We use those key phrases to determine a baseline of where you currently stand in the search results, and to benchmark against your competition for top returns.


Create Content

Next, we develop complementary content and tags for your website based on your prized key phrases and weave them throughout your site. We also make linking to your site social-media-friendly along with creating compelling content for back-linking purposes from other sites. The content/tags are added to your site, along with global tracking for search engines.


Track and Tweak

Winning Words then uses a variety of analytics tools, including the Google Search Console, to track the performance and ranking of your site compared to the baseline and benchmarking metrics we initially developed. After your initial results come in, Winning Words periodically tracks and tweaks your site, with guaranteed results on the first page of the search returns.

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