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These are authors who allow me to disclose to prospects that I work with them, as long as I don’t disclose the fact to their potential competitors. When you are done reviewing this page please let me know so I can take it down. I requested that it not be crawled by search engines but they don’t always honor that.

Thom Walsh, PhD, Professor of Health Sciences

I have worked with Thom for more than five years. I helped him write these books, and found and queried the publishers with him. Both were accepted by and published by major medical trade publishers.  You can use the “Look Inside” feature at these links to see some of the inside copy. 

In the acknowledgement in the latest book, he acknowledge me first and wrote: “Lee Reeder is my editor and has become a friend. My writing and life are better for it.”

Will Stabler, Healthcare Thought Leader and Marketing Professional

I have worked with Will for the past four years, helping him write whitepapers, social media posts, and magazine articles, most related to interoperability in healthcare information technology, consumerism in health care and value-based care. The following is a link to an article published as the cover article for the December 2017 edition of Healthcare Financial Management, which I also pitched successfully to the editors: Exploring Health Plan-Provider Partnerships

I also created a whitepaper that was developed as the culmination of a series on Risk Adjustment During the Coronavirus Pandemic. I wrote the series with him, and then created and designed the whitepaper at the link. I also did two other similar series for him. NOTE: Make sure you are signed in to LinkedIn to view this properly because I embedded the PDF into the post.

Various Authors at a Healthcare Consulting Firm

At the link below you will find a series of whitepapers on cybersecurity in health care for Divurgent, which are all introduced by a 400-word blog that links to them. I ghostwrote all of the articles on this page, most of which is about cybersecurity in health care.

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Multi-Subject Blog

The image at left shows part of the landing page for my blog, “On Images and Imagery.” I haven’t contributed to it since the pandemic hit, but it provides writing, SEO, grant-writing and photography tips. I also designed this blog.

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Website Design & Blog Series

The following link goes to a website I recently finished for a psychotherapy group practice with multiple locations in Southern California. I designed the entire site for both desktop and mobile in WordPress using Elementor. I now manage the site. Below is a screenshot of part of the home page. If you click on the Blog section you will see a series of blog articles I wrote with the client.

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Marketing and Graphic Design Combined

Below is a sample of my marketing writing, editorial management and graphic design combined.

I recently completed this issue of Orange County Coastkeeper Magazine: a high-quality, 72-page publication highlighting the accomplishments, philosophy and future direction of sustainability for this respected environmental organization. Orange County Coastkeeper protects water quality throughout the Santa Ana River Watershed of Southern California and the coast of Orange County. And when I say I completed the magazine, I mean, as Executive Editor and Creative Director, I performed a majority of the writing, all interviewing, all editorial coordination, and much of the photography. I designed it, laid it out in InDesign, and did all of the pre-press work. I believe this magazine provides a good example of some of the breadth of my abilities. The picture below shows one of the article opening spreads.

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