Winning Words by Lee Reeder
Winning Words by Lee Reeder
Winning Words
by Lee Reeder

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Responsive Design

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Drive your success with Winning Words

Welcome to Winning Words by Lee Reeder. I am a communications professional with diverse experience in publishing, ghostwriting, marketing, and editorial management. My ability to combine these skills with high-quality graphic design, website development, SEO and award-winning photography provides a valuable package for a wide range of clients in business and non-profit organizations. My specialties include book ghostwriting, editorial management, public outreach campaign planning, photography, design, professional education, grant writing, and non-profit management.

I have worked in many disciplines but I have particular expertise in healthcare management and environmental stewardship. In healthcare I have deep knowledge of organizational quality improvement, value-based patient care, consumerism in health care, healthcare management and leadership, patient safety, health equity, healthcare information technology, and electronic health records. In the environmental realm I am well-versed in mitigation, conservation, habitat restoration, invasive plant and animal control, water resources, watershed management, and environmental reporting and regulations.

Ghostwriting: A Misunderstood Art

“True ghostwriters don’t write for people, they write as them.”

The most common misconception about ghostwriting is that potential clients who approach a ghostwriter are doing so because they can’t write. Actually, this is almost never the case. Most of my ghostwriting clients are excellent writers. What they lack mostly is the time to devote to an article, blog posts or a book project. They are too busy doing what they love and what they do best, so they rely on me to do with them what I love and do best.

True ghostwriters don’t write for people, they write as them, making the “voice” come through in the writing. Capturing that essence–especially on book projects—takes a bit of time up front getting to know what the writer values, what their intentions and intended impacts are, how they speak to people when they are talking, what drives them, and what makes them satisfied, invigorated, happy and irritated. These elements and more all come together to create the “voice” through which the ghostwriter writes as the writer.

About Me

I am a writer, editor, editorial manager, ghostwriter, designer and photographer. In my career I have been a healthcare quality advocate and environmental steward, a newspaper beat reporter, and the top editor for community newspapers, international magazines, and healthcare leadership publications. I have served as editorial director for a multi-title publishing company, with responsibility for six emergency medical and fire-rescue publications. My experience also includes serving as a marketing director for an advertising agency, and as executive director for a non-profit environmental organization. As a freelancer I have provided editorial management services for periodical publishers. I have worked behind the scenes as a ghostwriter for several prominent leaders in the fields of leadership development, healthcare management and quality improvement, and psychological trauma care. Click my name or face below for more.

My search engine optimization work has put publishers, non-profit organizations, real estate firms, arborists, television producers and even my business on top of the search engines to get maximum exposure for their work and services.

My design services include layout and design for websites, flyers, brochures, annual reports, and entire magazines. My outdoor photography serves landscape architects, non-profits, and environmental services organizations.

Clients turn to me to help them with everything you can imagine. I write and edit entire books, press releases, grant proposals, trade magazine articles, outreach campaigns, social media, SEO tags, website content, and more.

Winning Words
Lee Reeder
PO Box 1504
Riverside, CA 92501


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